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Our company at does not warrant, guarantee, and/or make out every represntations regarding the trust, and/or the results of the use, of the web sties, products, helpful services and/or on paper materials in the terms of correctness, accuracy, relability, currentess or elsewise. The entire risk as to the results and performance of the web sites, is assumed by the user.

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You take cognizance of and recognize that helpful services may contain well-grounded public press out of our online web internet site at

You take cognizance of and collude that every and all Service is provided "AS-IS" and that our online web site at assumes no obligation for the timeliness, deletion, mis- delivery or failures of any kind to this acceptance.


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Listing Facts and unavoidable other interplay about you is hold in subjection to our Privacy Conduct. For more information, see our particular privacy protocol regarding this undertaking.


Website visitors who wish to communicate with the website at do so under two conditions:  one, they give their permission for contact by the website; two, they are subject to any ‘submission' provisions of the Terms of Use, Purchase Agreement, or this Privacy Policy.  While your email address may or may not be used to solicit you, it is added to the website's general solicitation database.


Registration means that the Visitor, Subscriber, Member or Customer takes active, positive steps to communicate information to this website.  This can include pages or 'pop ups' where you register for a newsletter or subscribe to a mailing list; it can include your participation in visitor surveys; it can include requesting information from the website via email, mail, or courier; it may be from joining an affiliate program or other membership organization, paid or unpaid; it may be from ordering a product.

Occasionally complete credit card information may be provided to the website via fax or a fill-in form rather than regular secure merchant service processing.  This information is kept at the highest level of security and is never divulged to anyone except the merchant service provider or for the purpose of communication with the customer.


Visitors clicking on banners or pop-ups or hyperlinked advertising, appearing on this website must assume that information is being collected about them.  This site at
is not responsible for the use of information collected in such a fashion.  Visitors must assume that (1) information will be collected, (2) that ‘cookies' will usually be placed on their hard drive, (3) that website does not have any control over what happens with this information, (4) that website takes no responsibility over the accuracy or content of advertisers, (5) that website is not responsible for downloads from third party advertisers that contain viruses or worms or other computer code that causes their computer or software harm, and (6) that website assumes no responsibility for the data that is garnered from the click itself or that the advertiser collects.


If you send a friend an email from this site at
or if you send the url or one of our web pages to a friend, you must assume that some data is collected about your IP address or your email address and that of your friend.  You must assume that referred emails or web pages may appear to come from your email.  You must accept fully responsibility for referring pages or email to a friend and agree to indemnify this site for any damage, intentional or unintentional that results from said referrals.


Unless otherwise specified in the survey, you must assume that any information provided to the website as part of a survey in which you participate may be used for general solicitation for commercial purposes and that such information will be shared with joint venture partners, affiliates, marketing organization or used by the site itself for product design or solicitation purposes.


Many websites, including this one at
, collect information about your computer, your email address, your IP address.  You must assume that your web-viewing or web-use activity is monitored, tracked, and information collected.  This information is not usually of a personal nature, but it may help define your viewing habits and product preferences even though the website may or may not have any idea who you are.

"Cookies" is web jargon for bits of computer code placed on your hard drive.  Websites use this to keep you 'logged in', to keep track of search criteria, to monitor use, to password protect use of the site or use of products sold by the site.  Cookies can also be used to obtain information about your computer configuration or your use of your computer.

Cookies can be used to electronically gather information about you.  Again, it may or may not be personal information, but it is information and by using this site you are expressly giving permission to use 'cookies' and to use the information gathered from their use to benefit you.  You also give permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and use any information collected for product design, product offers to you, and general commercial solicitation purposes by this site or joint venture partners, affiliates, and marketing organizations.


The use of information as described below may or may not be how information that is collected is customarily used by this site.  While actual use of any information collected may be used quite conservatively, you must assume that it is not.  You must assume that information collected is shared with other persons or entities for commercial purposes.  While this is uncommon in practice, you must assume that it is as you make your decision whether or not to view or interact with this website.  This type of shared information may include your name, address, phone number, email address and buying habits, as well as other information.  This information may be used for general commercial solicitation by this website or other persons it is sold to, rented to, or shared with.


Credit card information or other financial information is not usually known to the website.  However, in the event that it is made known, that information is never revealed to anyone except to processing authorities or law enforcement agencies.  However, the provider of such information gives express permission to use it in fraud investigation or for litigation.


This website at
takes measures to protect its data that contains information related to you.  However, as a consideration for viewing this site or interacting with this site in any manner, you waive all claims of any nature against this site concerning the loss, alteration, or misuse of information.  You must assume that it is possible for your personal data to be obtained by others, such as "hackers," and used in an inappropriate manner that may cause you harm and that you agree that the site is not responsible for damages to you.


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